Professional Experience
Audio Engineering & Professional Experience

Danielle has extensive knowledge of synthesis technology, microphones, mixers, analog and digital recording, effects processors, sound and audio cards, radio broadcast processors, and webcasting.


E-textbook Design & Publication, Danisue DesIgn
November 2013-Present. Oakland, California.

Product Designer, Editor, Publisher for an Online E-textbook. The e-textbook allows university level students to learn about Sound Design and Contemporary Music by accessing an interactive online book that contains hundreds of sound files, and also allows students to turn in weekly assignments online. The prototype e-textbook was initially used in Spring 2014 by a class at a top world-class university with over 300 students enrolled. A second version of the e-textbook was used for the summer 2014 session at the university. A third additional will be available for Spring semester 2015.


Berkeley Symphony, Contract Grant Writer
May 2014-Present. Berkeley, California.


Orban, Inc.
San Leandro, California

Danielle DeGruttola worked as a Product Designer & as a Quality Assurance Manager in the Engineering Department at Orban, Inc. from 1996-November 2013.

Orban makes high-end audio processors & PCI sound cards for digital audio broadcasting (DAB), internet web/netcasting, and recording applications.

Danielle has contributed to the full lifecycle design, and user environment development and implementation for 26 products at Orban including the following products:

Optimod-FM 8600S-FM Digital Processor
Optimod-FM 8600HD Digital Processor
Optimod-FM 8600FM Digital Processor - NAB Cool Stuff Award winner & Radio Ink's Innovation Award
Optimod 8685 Surround Sound/Stereo Television Processor
Optimod 6585 Surround Sound/Stereo Television Processor
Optimod-PC 1101/1101e Audio Processing Card for Broadcasters/Netcasters
Optimod 6300 Multipurpose Stereo Digital Audio & Digital Media Processor
Optimod 5518 Sereo Encoder
Optimod 5500 Audio Processor & Stand Alone Stereo Encoder
Optimod-FM 8500 Processor - NAB Cool Stuff Award
Optimod-TV 8382 Processor
Optimod-FM 8300 Processor
Optimod-FM 5300 Processor
Optimod-FM 2300 Processor
Optimod-PC 1100 PCI Sound Card - NAB 2001 Cool Stuff Award winner
Optimod-FM 8400 Processor - NAB 2000 Cool Stuff Award winner
Optimod-AM 9200, 9300, and 9400 analog AM & Digital Radio Processor

Danielle’s other responsibilities at Orban have included:

  • Drafting, implementing and supporting project test plans, test scripts, and change control documents based on software development cycle steps. 
  • Writing and illustrating product functionality and GUI design specifications.
  • Working with Marketing and Production to clarify product requirements, and Engineering to ensure requirements were being met.
  • Maintaining task schedules for Engineers.
  • Organizing Engineering meetings.
  • Informing Executives of development issues on a weekly basis.
  • Managing source change control procedures using Visual SourceSafe.
  • Modifying C/C++ source code to fine tune user interface.
  • Writing drafts for sections of the Customer Manuals for Optimod-8400 & 8300 FM Processors, and Optimod-PC 1100 Sound Card.
  • Researching competitors’ product specifications.
  • Managing Test Department personnel.
  • Managing & maintaining bug tracking software
  • Testing of audio processing equipment and software
  • Making sure products are compatible with 3rd party products, most specifically with Recording & Streaming software


Sound Designer

  • ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD film by Werner Herzog and nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD for best documentary (Discovery Films). Created original cello music and worked with Film Producer, Henry Kaiser, and musical artist David Lindley, to create music cues used in the movie.

  • GRIZZLY MAN film by Werner Herzog and WINNER OF BEST DOCUMENTARY from the Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto Film Critics Associations (Lions Gate).   Created original cello music and worked with other musical artists, including guitarist Richard Thompson, to produce the music cues used throughout the film.

  • IN THE EDGES: THE GRIZZLY MAN SESSION film (Lions Gate).  Participated as a cast member & music contributor throughout this film which documents the creation of the music soundtrack for the GRIZZLY MAN movie.

  • THE GRIZZLY MAN DIARIES television series on Animal Planet (Discovery).  Created original cello parts to compliment guitarist Richard Thompson's guitar parts & worked with Music Producer, Henry Kaiser, to create cello cues used throughout the TV series.

  • THE ALICES (WALKING): Contributed to the sound design for "The Alices (Walking), A Sculptural Opera and Fashion Show": an art and music piece by artist Claudia Hart and composer Edmund Campion. The piece was presented at the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center ( in NYC on March 8th, 2014.


Center of Contemporary Music, Mills College
Oakland, California While attending Graduate School, Danielle worked as a Sound Technician at the Center of Contemporary Music in 1995 & 1996.  Her responsibilities included:
  • Technical support for concerts and in the electronic music labs
  • Recording studio assistance
  • Electronic music labs' computers and audio equipment maintenance.
  • Educating students in electronic music production and recording techniques.


Computer & Technical Experience

Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000/XP/WIN7
  • Macintosh OS 9 & X

Software Tools

  • Audio: Audition, Sound Forge, Pro-Tools, Peak, Audicity, etc.
  • Streaming: Helix & Real Producer and Player, Windows Media Producer and Encoder
  • Graphics & Web Design: Adobe PhotoShop, Visio Technical, Paint, working knowledge of Wordpress & Dreamweaver
  • Project Support: Visual SourceSafe, MS Office, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Project, etc.


  • Working knowledge of MS Visual C++ 6.0
  • Basic C programming
  • MAX object oriented programming language